Eternal Destiny of the Present Moment Journal Date: 4/3/11 Cheaha Falls

This is how God spoke to me from the last devotional in “Come Away My Beloved”…my favorite book to date.  It was sad to read the last one.  Yet, I can start over again if I want!  Woohoooo!

‘Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12’

It’s not your duty to know the future nor to discern in advance my exact plans. My daughter, stop letting doubts tarnish and steal your peace. STOP IT!!! Stop letting anxiety steal your joy!!!!

You keep asking me to bring you to a place of rest. I keep pointing the way but your mind is elsewhere. PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! ALONE!!! All you need to do is rest in the knowledge that, 1. MY WAYS ARE PERFECT and 2. MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT! My help is perfectly complete…more than adequate…no matter what comes your way!Stop listening to other people who have no clue about you or your life!!! Stop letting the ignorant words of others determine your way or who you are!! What profit has ever come to you from that? What will it take for you to learn?

‘Live rather in the awareness of the eternal destiny of THIS PRESENT MOMENT!!! It is detrimental to you when you become pre-occupied with what may be.  Focus on what IS!  There is so much to be done in the NOW!!’

‘It is written:  Till I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine. (1Timothy 4:13)’  DO THIS! Your life is in My hands.  Make yourself available to me in THIS MOMENT!!  I cannot walk with you in the now if you don’t make yourself available to me!

There are others who need you to minister to them in the present moment.  Minister to them in the realm of the here and now and you will have MUCH FRUIT in the day of reaping.




About rhemajoy

I love the reviving, motivating aroma of freshly ground coffee beans first thing in the morning. Freshly pressed coffee is the essence of rejuvenation. But what I love even more is the revival I receive each morning when I start the day firmly grounded in the Word of God. So grab a cup of java and join me on this journey from glory to glory as each new morning beckons for a fresh cup of faith.
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One Response to Eternal Destiny of the Present Moment Journal Date: 4/3/11 Cheaha Falls

  1. svenoblivion says:

    Abba…such a powerful word.

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