I’ve been reading through the Bible in a year Chronologically with my former church,  Northbrook Church, in Three Way, Tennessee. This is part of a program called, Read The Bible For Life by George Guthrie. As a body of believers, we are reading “The Big Story”…this is the Bible. We are reading His Story and learning how our story fits into it. Currently we are in the book of Job. I read several chapters today and could write about 5 blogs of commentary on what I read. but, one thing that really caught my attention was how job mentioned repeatedly about how he cared for orphans and widows. He also mentioned the consequences that come from not doing so.

I am in the process of writing a book that focuses on caring for orphans and widows and the responsibility that falls on the church in this area.

Today’s widows and orphans include single mothers and their children. The single moms may be unwed mothers, divorced women, or actual widows who have lost their spouses to death. Some of these single moms are still married to husbands who are abusive, neglectful, or have abandoned the family (either physically or mentally or both). Whatever the reason….there are many mothers trying to raise children without support from a spouse. This problem is of epidemic proportions. There are son’s being raised without a godly male role model, daughters without the love of a father, and mothers in despair as they try to fulfill a role that they were not made to fill.

To say that the need is great would be a gross understatement!  What role is the church taking in meeting these needs? This responsibility was not given to the government to handle….which is why the welfare system has been so unsuccessful. Social welfare is the God-given responsibility of the church. God has equipped the church to meet this need…not the government. The answers and guidelines are written in His word (like Job for example). If the church were to rise up and take full responsibility for social welfare, and each member of the body did his part, it is very possible that poverty would cease to exist and the widows and fatherless would have their needs met in full.

This is what I have learned about where my story fits in this portion of His Story…I am to be a part of the local church and expected to care for the widows and fatherless in any way I can.


I was once a widow.  You gave me beauty for ashes.  You changed my sorrow to joy.  Help me to pay it forward.  Help me to bring hope to the hopeless and rest to the weary.  Let them see Christ in me…the Hope of Glory. I cannot do anything apart from abiding in you You….but in You…all things are made possible.

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I love the reviving, motivating aroma of freshly ground coffee beans first thing in the morning. Freshly pressed coffee is the essence of rejuvenation. But what I love even more is the revival I receive each morning when I start the day firmly grounded in the Word of God. So grab a cup of java and join me on this journey from glory to glory as each new morning beckons for a fresh cup of faith.
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